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Leo-filming-126-way-belgiumLeo and Mandy have made over 6,000 skydives and often jump out of aircraft wearing camera helmets to film in freefall and under parachute for various film companies. Leo has three 16mm 1VN photosonic cameras with 100ft & 200ft magazines which will run between 25-200fps. Using this equipment Leo has shot  several skydiving commercials including ‘Yes’ chocolate bars, Sunday Correspondent, RAF recruitment advertising and a German margarine company.

611-Three-fall-past-crevass  They recently organised and filmed sequences for a feature film called ‘Killing me Softly’ to show 3 climbers mountaineering then falling off to their deaths. By using some of the worlds best climbers, and skydivers falling from a helicopter the result was stunned the audience at the world premier in London.

 Lucy-+-Camera-after-Leo-copLeo has now added base jumping to his list of sports, on his 12 base jumps from either Angel Falls or Arco in Italy, all have been with 16mm cameras.


Balloon-Exit-Alex-A4cMandy is a commercial pilot with her own pretty coloured balloon, which can carry up to 3 passengers. With Leo’s skills at aerial filming they make a good team for any work involving ballooning.

Balloon-Everest-hanging-camLeo often films from outside the basket, hanging from a rope attached to the apex of the balloon getting a unique view of the passengers and pilot.

Spain-Balloon-Exit-cloudscrHe also had a suspended camera bag which holds film, video and stills cameras and was used for the BBC production ‘Extreme Animals’ to film Steve Leonard doing a tandem jump from the balloon, whilst Leo filmed him in freefall.

Skydiving-Balloon-Trapdoor-They have recently made a trap door sketch involving all three skills of climbing techniques, skydiving and ballooning.