Film Making


Leo and Mandy Dickinson specialise in drama and documentary films involving adventure sports such as mountaineering, skydiving, parachuting, ballooning and underwater in many countries throughout the world.

They normally work to produce a compete film from initial concept, through research, reconnaissance, budgeting, trip organising, filming on location and using all our own production facilities through all stages of post production to finished film.

However we also take sequence material for other productions providing personnel and equipment necessary as we have done on may occasions for the BBC. In 1987 Leo and Mandy set up a limited company called Leo Dickinson Productions.

Their first film was a cave diving television documentary called Wakulla for Channel Four. Since then the company has made 11 television drama and documentary productions and one climbing & falling sequence for a feature film ‘Killing me Softly’. They have two more productions they are working on at the moment. See latest projects.

Films Made by Leo Dickinson Productions

1995 – One Foot on the Road to Everest for S4C – 52 minute documentary Leo and Mandy went to the Tibetan side of Everest and filmed above the North Col, at over 24,000ft whilst making this documentary of Tom Whittaker a disabled climber attempt to climb Mt. Everest with Greg Child. The film also includes long lens shots of Alison Hargreaves nearing the summit of Everest on her successful solo ascent and radio interviews from the top. They also filmed an interview with George Mallory the grandson of George Leigh Mallory

At the same time they made a film together with Eric Jones, of the first Welsh climber to climb Everest – Craddock Jones.

1993-1994 ‘Dead Men’s Tales’ with Lifetime for ITV – Series of 6 x 25 minFollowing on from their pilot Parachuting film of Dead Men’s Tales, they made six drama/documentary reconstructions of 25 minute duration. Each one was a true epic involving a different adventure sport – ballooning, mountaineering cave diving, rock-climbing, caving and parachuting.

1992 – Dead Mens Tales for Channel 4 – 52 minute documentary.Using all their skydiving skills and contacts, Leo and Mandy made this exciting television documentary of six epic skydiving and parachuting stories. The stories are told by the people the incident happened to or somebody who saw it happen or in the case of the 1908 incident it was retold by the daughter.

1991 – Ballooning over Everest – 52 minute documentary for National Geographic.This project took a few years to complete due to the unrest in Nepal on the first attempt in 1989. However the team were successful and two balloonsflew over Everest and landed not all in one piece on the Tibetan Plateau.

1987 – Wakulla – for Channel 4 – 52 minute documentaryFilmed at Wakulla Springs in Florida it follows a group of divers exploring thousands of feet into this underwater cave system at depths of 300ft. Even with the latest equipment they still have to decompress for hours in a specially designed underwater habitat.