Year Title Description Duration
2002 BBC Extreme Animals Microlite filming of geese in Wales
2001 BBC Extreme Animals ‘Kingdom of the clouds’ Paragliding with vultures in India
2001 ‘Killing me Softly’ Feature 3rd unit mountaineering & falling sequences
2000 BBC Ultimate Killers Skydiving and ballooning sequence
1999 BBC Extreme Lives’Road to Certain Death’ Caving in the Picos Spain
1998 BBC Extreme LivesThe Man who fell to Earth Base jumping off Angel falls
1996 World record skydive 297 Skydive formation flying in Russia
1996 Treasure Hunting Guam Underwater search for $60 million worth
of coins
1996 Skydiving onto North Pole BBC Record Breakers
1995 One Foot on the Road to Everest Tibet – Tom Whittaker & Greg Child 52 mins
1995 First Welshman to climb Everest Eric Jones & Craddock Jones on Tibetan side. 52 mins
Dead Men’s Tales drama reconstructions
1994 Hanging by a Thread Joe Simpson’s climbing epic on the Dru 25 mins
1994 Grappling with the Ogre Doug Scott’s epic on the Ogre mountain 25 mins
1994 Hanging Fire Fred Fielders ballooning epic in fog 25 mins
1994 Drop to Disaster Parachuting epic 25 mins
1994 Crashing in the China shop Martin Holroyd’s caving epic 25 mins
1994 To the Last Gasp Sheck Exley’s cave diving epic 25 mins
1994 The Best of Wally Gubbins Skydiving comedy 52 mins
1992 Baseclimb Basejumping off Trango Tower in Pakistan
1992 Dead
Men’s Tales
Reconstuctions of six parachuting epics 52 mins
1991 Ballooning
over Everest
First balloon flight over Mt. Everest 52 mins
1990 Anything
is Possible
The Diary of an Adventure cameraman 52 mins
1990 World skydiving championships Following the British team at the championships 30 mins
1989 Wally Goes Tropical Skydiving Comedy filmed in Brazil 30 mins
1988 The Wally Stuff Skydiving Comedy 30 mins
1987 Wakulla Cave diving in Florida Springs 52 mins
1987 The Right Wally Skydiving Comedy 30 mins
1986 Wally Gubbins the Movie Skydiving Comedy 30 mins
1986 Flight of the Windhorse Ballooning over the Himalayas 52 mins
1986 Nosey Parker Cave Diving in Wookey Hole 52 mins
1985 Into the Blue & Black Holes Cave Diving in the Bahamas 26 mins
1985 Stacking
in the Sky
Parachute stacking record 52 mins
1984 Right up the Zipper Skydiving in Florida 52 mins
Pushing the Limits Series
1984 Flashback Behind the scenes filming the series 26 mins
1984 Cave Dive 200 Martin Farr’s record in Wookey Hole 26 mins
1983 Breath of white water Kayaking in Idaho 26 mins
1983 Mountain Men Mountain skiing in Switzerland 26 mins
1983 Extreme Ice Ice Climbing with Ron Fawcett 26 mins
1983 Extreme Rock Rock Climbing with Ron Fawcett 26 mins
1983 Sky Boogie Skydiving in Florida 26 mins
1983 Riders on the wind Windsurfing in Hawaii 26 mins
1983 Sierra 4 Charlie has landed Ballooning in Austria 26 mins
1980 Pushing the Limits World hot air balloon record 52 mins
1979 Diving over the Desert Ballooning in the Sahara 52 mins
1979 Filming the Impossible Leo’s camera diary 38 mins
1978 Everest
First ascent of Everest with oxygen 52 mins
1978 Land
of Mist and Fire
55 days exploring the Patagonian IceCap 52 mins
1977 The Cerro Torre Enigma Investigative documentary about Maestri 38 mins
1977 Dhaulagiri With Reinhold Messner 40 mins
1976 Dudh
First canoe descent from Everest base 52 mins
1975 Matterhorn
the North Face
A winter climb of the Matterhorn 52 mins
1973 Torre Egger On an expedition with Don Whillans 26 mins
1972 Exploring Patagonia 200 miles across high ice 26 mins
1971 Cerro Torre: Rape of a Mountain A Desecrated Climb 50 mins
1971 Rock Island Climb Climbing with Doug Scott 30 mins
1970 Out of the Shadows into the Sun The first filmed ascent of the Eiger 50 mins
1969 St Johns Head Climb-Orkney (College Film) 20 mins