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Climbing and Mountaineering.

4900As this was Leo’s first sport it is the one in which he has made the most films and has the greatest experience. His first film was made whilst climbing the North face of the Eiger back in 1970 for the ITV network. It was reported at the time as one of the most memorable films ever to appear on television.

With his love of travelling he has since filmed in the mountains of the Himalayas, the Karakorum and Patagonia as well as the Alps and many rock climbs in the UK.

For his second Eiger documentary, film in 1982, Leo was lowered by helicopter to a ledge half way up the Eiger to film Eric Jones climbing solo. This together with his long lens shots and various re-enactments of earlier climbers, including an outrageous use of parachute packed into the rucsac of a falling climber, made a wonderful documentary for Central television.


This ability to get into extreme locations and a mastery of long lenses was becoming the hallmark of Leo’s work.


Leo has worked on two Mountain feature films, ‘Five Days One Summer’ and recently ‘Killing me Softly’ where he reconstructed mountaineers on Everest climbing then falling to their deaths.