Land of mist and Fire



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At the limit of the world lies the Patagonian Ice Cap – 9000 square miles of giant glaciers and volcanic peaks scoured by storms that rush north from Cape Horn and Antarctica and from the west by the roaring forties.

Three British mountaineers – Eric Jones, Mick Coffey and Leo Dickinson along with Argentineam Ernesto O’Reilly set out to cross the barren wildersness of Chile and Argentina – one of the least explored places on earth.

The obstacles are formidable and the team planned to start their journey by parachute. Unfortunately a plane crashed just before their arrival and the authorities forbade their flight so the three men are forced to climb onto the ice cap hauling their sledges with food for two months and enough film to record their journey. Undaunted the team take two parachutes with them and casting fate to the wind let nature take its course.

‘a hair raising tale wryly told in the long tradition of British understatement which is so effective in putting across the underlying danger’. Walt Unsworth Climber & Ramber winner of 5 international awards .

‘its not every day you discover you discover a volcano’. The Times Narrated by Ian McNaught DavisWritten – Edited & Produced by Leo Dickinson

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