Dudh Kosi – Relentless River of Everest



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The first canoe descent down Everest’s river of milk.

At the foot of the highest mountain on earth a team of British canoeists put their kayaks into the freezing waters of the Dudh Kosi River that springs from the Khumbu Icefall to canoe the 90 miles of fast-flowing rapids to the Sun Kosi.

With the river running unusually high and at over 30 miles an hour in places, the canoeists battle with waterfalls, whirlpools and giant waves where the slightest mistake could be fatal.

After three week’s paddling, a canoe becomes jammed under a huge stopper and the Mick Hopkinson is swept into the freezing waters. Expedition leader Dr Mike Jones gives chase – Leo watches helplessly through his camera lens as the drama unfolds and Mick is sucked beneath stopper after stopper. As he disappears around a bend Leo worries about the outcome.

Regarded by kayakers the world over as the best film ever made about their sport.

Winner of 25 International Awards.

This film has been remastered from the original film to HD and the result is a new, crisp, clean improved version over the original which attracted 15 million viewers on its Boxing Day premier.

Duration of the main film is 45 minutes but bonus tracks include ‘Breath of White Water’ another of Leo’s canoe films as well as the 8mm story of the teams drive through Afghanistan to Nepal with new narration by the surviving team members. To end there are the hilarious 2nd and 3rd International Cardboard Kayak Championships.

‘That is the best adventure film I have ever seen.’ Doug Scott – First British mountaineer to climb Everest

Produced by Leo Dickinson and HTV

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