Out of the Shadows into the Sun



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The First Filmed Ascent of the Eiger Leo’s first ever film – climbing the North Face! It was an act of unfathomable optimism –to climb the mostnotorious mountain on earth carrying two 16mm cine cameras and 5000ft of film into the bargain. Eric Jones, Cliff Phillips and Pete Minks are drawn into an idea that Leo dreamed up in a pub in North Wales.
‘The North Face of the Eiger towers malevolently over the villages of the Bernese Oberland. The surrounding peaks are softer, more clad with snow and their names reflect their more friendly nature – the Monch – the Jungfrau. But even the unemotional Swiss aren’t impervious to the personality of the Eiger – the Ogre. And the tourists are drawn by the smell of death which hangs like its personal mantle of clouds around the North Face.’
On an early attempt Cliff Phillips slipped on a steep icy slope and fell 200 feet. Either by chance or perhaps intuition, Leo had his camera running and filmed the descent. After two thwarted attempts and six weeks of waiting, fine weather arrived and the team finally started their ascent.
Daily Mirror William Keenan’s view :- ‘When the team finally emerged from the North Face into the sunshine of the Eiger Summit, it was for me, and I’m sure millions of viewers the climax of what must be the most dramatic mountaineering film ever made.’
Directed & Filmed by Leo Dickinson & Cliff Phillips
Written & produced by Michael Deakin
The DVD also has several extras – mainly about the falling…
For more insight into this audacious ascent please read Leo’s book – ‘Filming the Impossible’ by Random Century.

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