The Falcon That Flew with Man

The Falcon That Flew with Man
The inspiration behind the memorable peregrine balloon jump in BBC’s ‘Ultimate Killers’, is Lloyd Buck. He assembles an expert team of balloon pilots, skydivers and his peregrines to crack the question once and for all.

Peregrine Video and CD – The Falcon That Flew with Man

Duration: 52 minutes..

This is a Wildlife, Science and Human Adventure Film where Natural History meets Extreme Sports, in an all-out, vertigo-inducing experience that will put your heart in your mouth and have you gripping the sides of your seat
EXPERIENCE Lloyd’s emotional journey as he bonds with nature’s superstars.
Feel the VERTIGO as you peer over the edge of a 4,000ft cliff…then leap off.
Share the BIRD’S EYE VIEW of its prey for the first time, from atiny on-bird camera.
Get close to nature’s ULTIMATE SPEEDSTERS as they take you on their wildest flight
FEAR for the skydivers as the peregrines get more aggression, hitting them so hard they almost crash into the cliff face.
Test BIRDMAN SUITS flying down the Matterhorn North Face, the latest in skydiving technology.
DISCOVER the answer to one of nature’s most elusive wildlife questions. How fast do Peregrine’s really go and how do they accelerate so quickly?
Price £29.95 + P&P
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